Simple Pantheon

I came up with this pantheon for use with my Fate Fantasy campaign a while ago and recently stumbled across it again. I think that I might use it in my upcoming hexcrawl, but in any case I wanted to put it up in case others might find it interesting.

The Pantheon

The people of this culture recognize four gods: Yenar, God of Understanding; Udros and Etrix, Gods of Creation and Destruction; and Optuna, God of Chance. While not all races or peoples worship these particular gods, none can doubt their existence or power.

Yenar, God of Understanding

The oldest of the gods, Yenar existed before existance. She has full knowledge of all that was and all that will be. Yenar gave birth two three children, Udros, Etrix, and Optuna, and gave them domain over the universe to share.

It is said that it was Yenar who gave true life to the creatures of the world. Yenar’s lesser gift is the gift of reason, which she gave to all living things, so that they might understand the world they live in (to some extent). Yenar’s greater gift is the gift of empathy, which she gave only to her favored life forms, allowing them to coexist and grow.

If someone is particularly empathetic, they are said to have “Yenar’s heart”. By contrast, if someone is considered particularly wise, they are said to have “Yenar’s mind” or occasionally “Yenar’s eyes”.

Yenar is traditionally thought to dwell among the stars.

How Yenar is viewed by mortals: It is widely belived that Yenar has ceased to take an active role in the lives of the peoples of the world. Some belive this to be because she slumbers, and will someday awaken to give the most worthy creatures a third gift. The nature of this gift varies among her followers, but is frequently thought to be immortality, omnipotence, or some other form of godhood. For this reason, Yenar is frequently praised, especially in moments of understanding, but rarely asked to grant favor.

Names: Yenar, Godmother, The All-Knowing, The All-Mother, The Sleeper

Associations: The stars, books/knowledge, charity and empathy, wisdom, immortality, omnipotence, generosity

The Twins, Udros and Etrix

Udros and Etrix are the twin sons of Yenar. Udros, the elder twin, has taken on the role of Creator, while Etrix, the younger twin, has take on the role of Destroyer. The sun is considered to be their home, representative of both the life-giving, light-bringing face of Udros, and the destructive fire of Etrix, coexisting to bring life and purpose to all things.

How the Twins are viewed by mortals: Though some think that Udros and Etrix are bitter enemies, always competing, they actually work together to maintain the cycles of life and existence. Without creation, there is stagnation, and without destruction there can be no creation.

Names: The Twins, The Brothers

Associations: The sun, wheels, the water cycle

Udros, God of Creation

Eldest child of Yenar, Udros created the world and the original races (though many debate just which races were original). In addition, he was the one to separate the world into the three realms (The Land, The Underworld, and The Overworld). Twin brother to Etrix.

Udros has rarely, if ever, taken a mortal form and come to the world. His followers claim that this is because he is too pure and good, and that coming to the world might taint Udros. Some believe that if a group of people were ever able to create a society pure enough, Udros would come to that place and bestow his life-giving blessing upon all who dwelt there.

How Udros is viewed by mortals: Because Udros’s paladins and clerics have the power to grow crops, heal wounds, and repair minds, Udros is frequently associated with all that is good and noble in the world. This, in turn, drives the most kind-hearted and selfless individuals into his service, redoubling this view. Udros is frequently praised, and frequently asked for favors, both by the devout and non-devout.

Names: Udros, The Creator, The Builder, The Elder

Associations: Growth and nature, light, earth, goodness and nobility

Etrix, God of Destruction

Etrix controls the demons of the underworld, and was responsible for the cataclysm of ages long past. He also controls the storms, and is thus frequently associated with wind and water (especially the deep waters that give rise to monstrosities).

How Etrix is viewed by mortals: It is belived that when Etrix takes a mortal form (generally attributed to a powerful war chief or particularly nasty demon), the ground is forever salted and ruined. Because of this, and because of the nature of destruction and the amount of evil deeds done in Etrix’s name, Etrix is frequently cursed, and is generally worshipped only by those who seek power and dominion over others.

Names: Etrix, The Destroyer, Master of the Abyss, The Younger

Associations: Fire, storms, deep water, and demons

Optuna, God of Chance

Optuna is the youngest of the gods, and far more playful than any of the others. She feels closest to humanity, and is frequently said to wander the world wearing the guise of a mortal. She finds the cycle of the Twins to be boring, and is constantly looking for ways to undermine her brothers. Optuna’s influence is what allows playful magic to continue to exist in the world. She drives the ever-changing landscape and political climates.

Optuna is said to reside in the moon, and the most superstitious know that when the moon is not visible, she is prowling the surface world. A new moon is frequently called “Gambler’s moon” for just that reason.

There is a silver coin, called the Luna, which features the moon on one side and the face of Optuna on the other. While not officially minted or accepted by any city or government, it is one of the stablest currencies, especially among smugglers or other “businesses of ill repute”. It is considered good luck to use Lunas when gambling.

How Optuna is viewed by mortals: Optuna is frequently praised, whenever luck wins despite the odds. Praise is always forthcoming and public, in hopes to garner further favor with Optuna. Likewise, most hesitate to curse her name, for fear that they will attract her vengeance.

Names: Optuna, The Gambler, The Trickster

Associations: The moon, coins, cards, games, pranks, the fey

Associated Magical Effects

In the 4x4 magic system that I had planned to use that I was originally planning to use these with, these gods also embody the four magical Effects of Read, Enhance, Diminish, and Control. That’s completely optional, though.


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