It’s Just a Prank Bro

In what is becoming a habit for me, here’s another submission for this month’s design contest at the Discord server! This time, the theme was ‘content relating to a trick, hoax, ruse, or deception’, in the spirit of April Fools.

My idea was for a Fiasco playset where you play as narcissistic jerks who want to start a viral prank show and the people who happen to be nearby.


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If you haven’t played Fiasco before, it’s a fantastic game by Jason Morningstar about people with powerful ambition and poor impulse control, where they get themselves into trouble and everything goes very poorly very quickly. You can check it out at the Bully Pulpit Games website.

The other inspiration for this playset was a bunch of games that I got in a no-longer-active bundle on, including Bakto’s Terrifying Cuisine and The Tusu’s Mine, which are in a tri-fold pamphlet format. I’d never seen an RPG in that format before, but it immediately struck me as a fun way to design a one-page game/content. It is easy to print, it has a clear showcase for a cover (in an awesome form factor, too), it has a clear “back” — all-around pretty cool. I decided to format this as a pamphlet to play with that design, and I’m happy that I did, because I think that it turned out great (though if I’m honest, the amount of content that a Fiasco playset requires makes this a little bit squashed).

I hope you like it! If you have a chance to read through it or play it, let me know with a comment.


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