Alternative Character Sheets for Defying Danger

I mentioned before that I really like the fantastic Defying Danger RPG that Jeremy Strandberg wrote. I wanted to try my hand at designing some alternative character sheets for it, so without further ado: here they are.

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These include character sheets for the Warrior, Rogue, and Wizard classes, as well as for the Cleric and Ranger classes that I created before.


I wanted to try to design a character sheet to help the player focus on who their character is, what they want, and what they are capable of doing, with as little extra as possible. The original character sheets have the huge advantage that they fit all of the rules that the player needs to know on a single side of a single sheet of paper, and due to the use of check boxes, make character creation very quick. But in my opinion, they have the downside that the sheet has a lot of words on it, most of them devoted to options that the player didn’t take, or to rules that the player will probably memorize very quickly, and generally not need to reference.

I’ve also found that character sheets which fit on a half-sheet of paper are a bit less intimidating, especially to new players. Plus, I wanted to practice using Affinity Publisher, which is new software to me (and very cool).

To accomplish this, I moved all of the main details to a mostly blank character sheet that is half of a US letter sheet of paper, front and back. The back is largely for inventory and space for notes. All of the details about how to play (and how to create the character, with all of the options available) are on a second half sheet, which is just a static play aid. It contains the things that the player won’t need to reference as often, especially as they become familiar with the rules.

The trade-off is that now character creation is somewhat slower and involves manually writing out words, rather than simply checking boxes, and that all in all, it occupies twice as much paper as it did before. It also necessitated creating a few Keywords, to (hopefully) make cross-referencing easier. While I hope that they make it easier to understand and cross-reference, it’s definitely possible that the keywords actually add more confusion and make the system feel heavier than it really is.

I hope that you like them! If you end up using them, or if you have any feedback at all, I’d love to hear it - go ahead and leave a comment.


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