A Day at the Crystal Market

Today I released a new game, and my first paid game! It’s called A Day at the Crystal Market, and it’s a solo game where you take on the role of a young spellcaster vising the crystal market on an errand for your teacher. It’s a game with no conflict, no danger, and very little drama, that is mostly about atmosphere.


Click to get it on itch.io

For $2 you can get a copy, or feel free to download a community copy for free, no questions asked, if the price is a financial burden for you.

As usual, this is also my entry into this month’s design contest on the RPG-talk Discord server. This month’s theme was (and still is, you can still enter!) “magic crystals”. (Have I mentioned that this is a wonderful community over there and you should absolutely come join us?)

But in addition to that, this game was also part of my second game jam on itch.io (the first being Dr. Exorcist for the pleasure-not-business jam), that being the Carta jam for games built using the Carta SRD from Cat McDonald and Peach Garden Games.

The Carta jam was awesome, you should absolutely check out all of the fantastic games that came out of it. And Peach Garden Games ran a really fun jam with the Carta jam, so check out some of their games on itch.io too.

Hope you enjoy the game. If I’m out of community copies, or hey, if you’d like one and for some reason don’t want to use a community copy, just send me an email: brian@oakenboro.blog. I’d love to hear from you!


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