Why Are Comments Done Through Email?

I love comments on blog posts! On my own, I love to know that folks are reading them, and to hear their thoughts. And on others, I love the discussions that spin out of a well-written post.

On the other hand, though, hosting comments can be expensive. This blog is statically generated, which means that it is cheap and easy to host, should load very quickly, and should never go down from too much traffic. But the normal processes for hosting comments, which rely on a database (that needs to be paid for and maintained), won’t work with a static site like Oakenboro.

I don’t anticipate getting a lot of comments, so an easy way to keep things simple is to just have comments come through to me by email. Then I manually add those comments to the article, and they become part of the static site. This keeps things super fast, and adds no new hosting services that I need to maintain. No ads from third-party comment providers, no extra fees, no slowdown, no services to fail or maintain.

However, if I end up with more comments than I can handle in the future, I can always change this process to do something more automatic.

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