Cleric & Ranger for Defying Danger

I really like the super light-weight Defying Danger RPG that Jeremy Strandberg wrote. It cuts right to the heart of what Dungeon World is about, but in a package that is a lot easier to understand for a player. In particular, I love the way that harm is handled, not with abstract HP, but with fictional consequences. The little currency that each class gets allowing them to do their thing is awesome, and the move checklists that function as a tool for leveling up, but also as a very quick cheatsheet of “here’s what this archetype is all about, define how your version of that archetype plays” is great.

I wanted to expand it a bit, to have a few more options for characters. I feel like D&D-adjacent fantasy settings really need the Cleric and Ranger (you may disagree), so I spent a few days putting these together.

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City in the Shield - A West Marches Pitch

Found this abandoned plan for a West Marches-style game that I never got off the ground. I think that the pitch has some merit, especially now in this age of quarantine.

The Pitch

Deep in the heart of Victory Downs lies the steadfast city of Hope. For a thousand years, the Shield has kept Hope isolated from the rest of the world. Through plagues, disasters, the rise and fall of nations, the births of new Gods and the courses of magics, Hope stayed safe and secure beneath the Shield.

This year, though, the Shield comes down.

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Adventure Seeds From Superhero Comics

I love superhero comics. It’s one of my favorite genres, with one of my favorite mediums, and they work together like peanut butter and chocolate.

Lately I’ve been playing around with stealing borrowing ideas and storylines from comics, and I’ve found it to be a great source of inspiration. You don’t want to play out the whole stories, of course, but often there is a good situation that is a powderkeg of overlapping and opposing factions. Set up the powderkeg, give the PCs a reason to get involved, and play to find out what happens.

Here are some examples that I’ve put together:

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